There is no better dream than a shared one. That is the philosophy underlying Toneles Winery’s attitude towards visitors. Those willing to learn about its history and its passion are welcomed in a unique space combining a fascination for tradition and the enjoyment of wine. The charm of its architecture, its gardens and indoor spaces take visitors in a journey through time where a romantic past can be experienced, reflecting the industry’s golden age.

A silent, calm and peaceful feeling impregnates every wall at the winery, appealing visitors to discover every little secret hidden in its history and its wines.

Its location, nearby the downtown area, makes it accessible and tempts visitors with a perfect scape from the city. An unforgettable journey through flavors and pleasurable experiences awaits them at Toneles.

Guided tours

We offer tours from Monday to Sunday at 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm; also on Friday and Saturday at 7pm and 9pm (upon prior reservation). The tours could be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Reservations should be made through email at, or phone call at +54 9 (261) 4310403.