Crossing the main gate is like entering a different time and ambience. The ancient walls of Toneles winery convey the charm and magic of Argentinian architecture’s golden age.

Toneles was founded in 1922 by the Armando family, who built their immigrant dream in the classical, elegant and charming style of the belle époque, using art nouveau details and ornaments to imprint the building with beauty and a unique personality.

The winery was initially called Armando Hermanos, but later its popularity arose under the name “Bodega de los Toneles” (Winery of the Tuns), due to the visual impact made by the huge French oak barrels where its precious wines were aged.

Eighty years later, in 2002, the winery was bought by the Millán family, who rescued its vintage spirit and combined it with modern technology and structural reforms to bring back its glorious past.

The majestic building -declared Cultural Heritage of Mendoza in 2008- accommodates historic pools as well as modern tanks and hundreds of barrels where the winery’s great wines are aged.

Within its warm walls and under its tall ceilings, the heartbeat of passing time can be heard, telling stories of the work, dedication and passion of those who celebrate life through winemaking.


Gold Award Excellence in Architecture & Landscape 2014