Just like every proud family, Toneles Winery loves welcoming visitors into its home. Thus, celebrations, business meetings and pleasurable moments can be enjoyed at the winery’s restaurant, Abrasado. A charming architecture and beautiful surroundings make it the perfect site for appreciating carefully designed dishes reflecting a traditional Argentinian style.

The winemaker’s art comes together with the gastronomic mastery of Chef Sebastián Weigandt, whose dishes combine a selection of roasted fine meat cuts and splendid locally grown vegetables.

Beef comprises the menu’s soul and spirit. The house specializes in dry aged steaks, i.e. beef that has been aged through a traditional method that exposes it to air so dehydration further concentrates its flavor and improves its texture. The restaurant’s meat comes from the ranch owned by the Millán family, located in Southern Cordoba province. There, cattle are raised and slaughtered under optimal conditions and controlled for quality.

Private Lounges

  •  TONEL 137 Lounge (8 people)
  • TONEL 46 Lounge (12 people)
  •  TONEL 22 Lounge (12 people)
  • TONEL 14 Lounge (6 people)


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Lunch and Dinner:

Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday: 12pm to 3 pm, and 8pm to 12am.

Sunday:  12pm to 3pm, upon prior reservation


Phone: +54 0261 4310403  –  +54 9 2616540357